Exciting things happening in our garden!

Exciting things happening in our garden!

It was with a sigh of relief that I welcomed the arrival of February. Even though temperatures can be lower than in January it’s just the fact that the garden seems to start to stir itself from its winter slumber.

In the pots and borders dozens of snow drops are now in full bloom bringing colour to a somewhat brown landscape. Daffodils are now starting to unfurl their flowers and lift their golden heads to the sky in anticipation of the arrival of spring sunshine.

The Crocus bulbs I planted are poking their heads through the mulch and bringing a splash of purple, yellow and white to the garden. The continuing days of high winds, frost and even snow only seem to dent their enthusiasm temporarily; and on several recent sunny days they have been glowing in the sunshine.

Another group of plants that currently look spectacular are the various heather bushes in the garden. These are covered with a light coating of purple and white flowers which really light up the hedgerows.

I have been very busy in the greenhouse planting seeds both under cloches (large plastic pop bottles are excellent for this) and in the heated propagators. Tomato seeds, chilli peppers and sweet peppers have all produced seedlings already.

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Also, in the greenhouse the summer flower bulbs have been planted in pots for planting out later. The rose cuttings that I took towards the end of last year are also starting to show buds and leaves developing so I’m hopeful these are rooting well. In a few weeks, when the ground warms slightly I will plant them out in the two rose beds.

 Trays of broccoli, onion and peas are also being propagated. The pea seeds have done exceptionally well and already produced some strapping small plants which I’m hardening off in the green house (temperature range usually about 10- 17 degrees centigrade now) before they are planted out in the vegetable beds.

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The outside vegetable beds have been prepared for planting later this season. Well- rotted horse muck has been dug into some of the beds and the rest have been topped up from the compost heaps and turned over. They are kept covered in black plastic sheeting. This has several benefits including; keeping the weeds down and keeping the soil warm ready for planting.

The days are starting to grow longer, and the garden is beginning to burst into life. March, and Spring are just around the corner, it’s a great time to be a gardener there’s so much to look forward to in the coming months.



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