From today onwards following government guidelines, all guests are required to wear facemasks in the public areas unless they are eating or drinking.


After 'Freedom day' the following will be in place at the hotel.

While we are really excited to see the next step is taken in the lifting of restrictions, we understand that not everyone feels the same, so for the foreseeable, we will be keeping our hand sanitising stations in the hotel and on all the external doors.
We have given our team members the same option as everyone else, regarding facemasks, it is their choice to wear them or not. Please respect their choices as they will respect yours.
We will not be taking the hotel dining room or bar areas back to full capacity just yet, giving our guests the space that they have gotten used to.
Regarding weddings, we will be following all the guidance issued and we are looking forward to seeing lots of big smiles on those wedding photos!
We will be cleaning rooms upon request and other than if you ask us to enter your bedroom to do this, it will remain your space.
We will no longer be refunding non-refundable rates or changing the dates, if you feel your travel plans may change we would advise you to book a flexible rate.


We are very excited to announce that we will be opening our doors on Monday 17th May 2021. We have deep cleaned the hotel, we have provided refresher training to all the team and given very detailed COVID-19 prevention instructions to all and we are ready to go!

We have lots of hand sanitiser stations all around the hotel, the tables in the restaurant and lounges remain socially distanced and we will be providing table service. 

Our main goal, as it has always been through the whole CODIC-19 pandemic, remains the continued health of our guests and our team. That is why all staff will be temperature checked prior to the start of their shifts and lateral flow testing is available from the government free of charge to those who wish to take part.

All the team has completed an in-house covid-19 training course.

We will be continuing to take breakfast and dinner table booking times to ensure we can provide all our guests with space they feel comfortable with, we will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

We will not be reintroducing the breakfast buffet, however, all items will be available to order from the kitchen.

We hope to be welcoming you all back very soon, we hope that you are all well.

If you have any questions regarding the covid procedures in the hotel, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the team and we will be more than happy to assist you.

We will no longer be refunding non-refundable rates or changing the dates, if you feel your travel plans may change we would advise you to book a flexible rate.


After the gov announcement, it is now very sadly clear that we will not as an accommodation provider to open until 17th May 2021, this date is working on the theory that all dates in regard to reopening the economy stay on track. Once again we have a skeleton staff working and we will contact all guests with booking prior to that date. If you have any urgent enquiries, please email  

We hope you all stay safe and rest assured that as soon as we are able to we will be opening the hotel to overnight stays and we will ensure we have all the relevant safety measures in place once we do.

We will no longer be refunding non-refundable rates or changing the dates, if you feel your travel plans may change we would advise you to book a flexible rate.

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support and hope you all stay safe and well during these difficult times.


We are now back in a national lockdown, we understand that some of you will have bookings with us that will need moving, we will be in touch in due course. Please be aware that we will be operating on a skeleton staff as most of the team will be furloughed in order to protect jobs.


As of today, we have been placed in Tier 2.

We open our doors tomorrow to welcome people back to the hotel.

We are unable to currently accept bookings from tier 3 areas unless they are for the accepted reasons for traveling as per the govt. guidelines. 

We are also as a tier 2 area unable to serve you alcohol unless you also order food.

As before, all food and beverage services will stop at 10 pm with a drinking up time until 11 pm.

You as a guest are required to abide by the conditions of your tier while staying with us.

You will be required to give us written confirmation of your social bubble should this apply to you.

We require guests to abide by social distancing rules and wear a mask while in the hotel unless you are seated with food and drink.

Track and Trace participation is a requirement of your stay.

We will no longer be refunding non-refundable rates or changing the dates, if you feel your travel plans may change we would advise you to book a flexible rate.

We, as always, look forward to welcoming you to Lindeth Howe.


As per the government guidelines, we will be closing the hotel from Wednesday 4th November at 11 am until Wednesday 2nd December at 4 pm.
We will be working from home during that time so if you need to contact us please do so via email at
If you have a booking to stay with us over the time in which we are closed please bear with us, we will be in touch regarding a change of dates for your stay.
We thank you all for your support since we reopened on 1st August, you have all been fantastic and we look forward to welcoming you all back after the 2nd December when the hotel will be dressed for Christmas and our team will be ready to welcome you back once again.
Stay safe, take care of each other and we wish you well.
Kind Regards,
All the team at Lindeth Howe.


As per the current government guidelines and what has been brought into law. We must insist that all of our guests wear the appropriate face coverings at all times when in the hotel, the only exception to this is when you are in your rooms and when you are seating the restaurant or lounges when eating or drinking.

As per the instructions from the government commencing today, all food and beverage services will stop at 10 pm. This is non-negotiable and will remain in place until we are told that we are able to change this rule. It includes special events, weddings, private dining, and group bookings along with private leisure bookings. There are no exceptions to this rule.

We ask for your patience at this very difficult time and also your understanding that this is not something we relish doing and we remind you that the team at the hotel are doing as instructed and that it is the law and not an internal hotel team decision, please treat our team members with respect and courtesy as they implement the new rules they have been given.


I am looking forward to welcoming you to Lindeth Howe and we thank you for your support at this time.

I understand these are unsettling times, however, I would like to assure you that we have put several measures in place to make things as safe as possible for our guests and our team.

We will be contacting guests prior to arrival to take all relevant information and to do what we would normally do at check-in such as card guarantee if there is not one already, newspapers dining times, etc, this is intended to cut back on the time guests are spending at reception.

The staff have been fully trained prior to their return to work with all the updated and current legislation and working practices.

The bedroom will have been deep cleaned and then not entered until the guest checks in, as part of the new deep cleaning schedule, we have purchased a fogger machine, this will be used in every bedroom when the room is turned around for the next guest, a fogger is a machine that sprays a ‘fog' of disinfectant in the room and on all surfaces, the disinfectant we will be using is rated as C2 which is what the WHO recommends for protection against COVID-19.

We will be working with table service only throughout the public areas, the kitchen staff will be wearing face shields and we have large desk shields for the reception and the bar.

We have (as much as possible) made the public areas one way and also the first-floor corridor, it is not possible due to the layout of the building to make the second floor one way.

We have taken all the information books and leaflets out of the bedrooms and we have laminated all of our menus to ensure they are wipe-clean, our menus have been re-designed in a way that you have a larger selection of options, both throughout the day and in the evenings, all our menus will be available on our website on our food and drink page should you wish to view them before your visit.

We have moved the restaurant around and we will be utilising the Hilltop room to ensure we are complying with the current guidelines for the social distancing of 1m plus, we highly recommend that you book a time for your dinner if you are eating with us especially if you have booked a bed and breakfast basis as we will need to allocate you a table, we will not be having a breakfast buffet and all items will be served from the kitchen.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to talk to me or to one of my management team before or during your stay.

I hope you have a wonderful time, we know how much everyone is looking forward to a breakaway, and we are so proud that you have chosen us for your break.

Kind Regards,

Tony Holden

Hotel Manager


We are happy to announce that we will be opening the hotel on 1st August 2020.  We are taking bookings and we are monitoring the phones from 10 am until 4 pm Monday through to Friday. If you call outside of these hours please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you prefer you can email us at We are working hard on developing new systems of working and new procedures to keep our guests and our team as safe as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Following Government guidelines from today, we will be working from home, we will continue to contact guests who have rooms booked with us, we once again ask for your patience at this time. We will have access to the hotel emails -, however, we will not have access to the phone lines or phone messages.


Today we have made the very difficult but correct decision to close the hotel temporally until the COVID-19 situation under control. 

All the staff's jobs are secure, everyone will be here to see you once we re-open, at which point we will come back, bigger and better than before, we hope you all stay safe during these very trying times and we look forward to welcoming you and your loved ones back to Lindeth Howe again very soon.

We have a small admin team working to contact all guests who have booked to stay with us for the next few months, we ask you to be patient with us, we are sure you understand that this is a difficult task not only for yourselves who were looking forward to a break but also for our team.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding at this time.


Today we have removed our breakfast buffet options, this is solely to ensure that you, our guests stay healthy, but don't worry, we still have buffet items available, however, don't worry, this will be served from the kitchen, we do however have single-serving cereals and yogurts on smaller buffet items.

We have disposable gloves for the serving staff to wear when they are handling the cutlery and plates.

We are using gloves when handling all the plates in the restaurant and serving and these are washed at a high temperature and changed frequently.


We have moved some tables round in the restaurant and Hilltop in order to give our guests more personal space and have enhanced our cleaning procedures.

We have a policy in place regarding existing bookings, this has been communicated to the whole team.

We have launched our home delivery afternoon tea service.

We are continuing our stringent cleaning procedures.

We have issued the below statement from Tony Holden, Hotel Manager, it has been sent out to all our guests on our newsletter.

In these uncertain times, I wanted to reach out to you all personally, firstly to say I hope you are all staying safe and well, secondly to tell you about what we are doing here at Lindeth Howe Hotel.
As the situation around Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, we are doing everything we can to ensure your safety and provide maximum flexibility.

As it has always been, the safety and security of our guests and team members remain our highest priority. We take great pride in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness & hygiene. In response to the Coronavirus, we have taken additional measures developed after reviewing the guidelines issues by the global and local health authorities to ensure our cleaning and hygiene protocols fully in line with the current advice,

Our hotel team are receiving ongoing briefings and we have increased the frequency of cleaning our public areas (including - but not limited to) door handles, tables, chairs, and public toilets.

Given the unique current circumstances, we are making temporary additional adjustments to our independently booked guest's cancelation policies to give you extra peace of mind.

  • Government restrictions - International guests who are affected by government-issued travel restrictions, we will offer full refunds or change the arrival date at no cost to yourselves.
  • Existing reservations - All reservations, including the special offers described at ''Non-transferable'' that are scheduled to arrive before 30th April 2020, can be canceled or changed up to 72 hours before arrival should you be unable to travel due to restrictions, any monies paid to us will be refunded in the form of a voucher letter, this will be valid for use at the hotel within 12 months, the voucher letter will be for the value of any monies paid to the hotel.
  • New reservations - Any new reservation you make including the special offers described at ''Non-transferable'' that are scheduled to arrive before 30th April 2020, can be canceled or changed up to 72 hours before arrival should you be unable to travel due to restrictions, any monies paid to us will be refunded in the form of a voucher letter, this will be valid for use at the hotel within 12 months, the voucher letter will be for the value of any monies paid to the hotel.
  • The Big Giveaway - If you have booked ''The Big Giveaway'' rate which has in the terms and conditions ''Non-refundable'' and ''Non-transferable'' and unable to travel due to restrictions, we are, as a gesture of goodwill, offering a voucher letter, this will be valid for use at the hotel within 12 months, the voucher letter will be for the value of any monies paid to the hotel.
  • Third-party bookings - We are unable to make any changes directly with anyone who has booked through a third-party website such as, Expedia, or an independent travel agent. In this instance, you should reach out to your booking agent.

While we have put in place the above-listed temporary adjusted booking conditions, we sincerely hope you will continue with your stay, we have lots of procedures in place to protect both you, our guest, and also our team here.
If you are feeling unwell, we politely ask you to delay your booking until you are feeling better.

If you have any event booking, including wedding, conference, group, or private event, we would ask you to contact us directly at +44 (0) 1539445759 and we will discuss your options with you on a one-to-one basis.

If you would like to have a show round of the hotel for a wedding, we are doing live tours over video, please contact Tanya on + (44) 01539445759 or email her on to book your appointment.
If you have a wedding booked with us and would like a face to face meeting but are unable to visit us, once again the lovely Jodie will be doing Skype calls at a time suitable to yourselves.

If you need to adjust your reservation, the efficient way to do this is to call the hotel on +44 (0) 1539445759.

No matter if you are traveling now or in the future, our team members and myself will as always, be ready to welcome you 


We are reviewing our cancelation policies and will release a statement in due course

We are reviewing our internal procedures to ensure that we are working with the current legislation.