Tanya Wilson

Tanya Wilson

Weddings & Events Coordinator

Tanya is our weddings and events coordinator at Lindeth Howe, she started working with us in early September 2020.

The more eagle-eyed of our guests who have been before will recognise her as she previously worked here as one of our receptionists, those who have stayed over Christmas will also recognise her as one of the singers in the choir that came to sing for our guests over the Christmas package last year. 

She is super organised and no matter the size of the event or what the event is she will take all the stress away and help you with all the organising.

Tanya is very creative and extremely friendly and is just a phone call or an email away.

She is a local girl and knows all the best spots for those romantic pictures by the lake!

Supported by our managers Tony and Clare who act as her (somewhat) glamourous assistants when needed, she will be the answer to all your prayers!

Call her on 01539445759 or email her directly on weddings@lindeth-howe.co.uk

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