Add a little something extra!

Add a little something extra!

Did you know when you book with us, there are many things you can add on to enhance your stay with us?

We have all of us here at Lindeth stayed in many hotels over the years and we have put our heads together and come up with our top list of things that we have enjoyed over the years.

We started off with the basics, like flowers, champagne, chocolate, cake, wine and moved on to some other lovely treats such as Cheese and Biscuits, Fruit plates, and Whisky.

Then we thought about where we are based and what we could add, the first one we came up with was ‘The Walker’ so many people that come to the lakes like to get out on the hills, so we can set you off in the mornings with everything you need! You get a local walks book, a packed lunch, and of course, how could you possibly go walking without a bar of the amazing Kendal Mint Cake, if it’s good enough for Everest, it’s certainly good enough for Gummers Howe or Skiddaw, whichever you decide upon!


Next, we have my personal favourite! THE GIN O'CLOCK, everyone knows that Gin and Tonic is the drink of the moment, however it does seem that the moment for this drink is going on for a long time, with the Gin O’clock you can enjoy 4 mini bottles of gins, with a nice bottle of Fevertree tonic and if this wasn’t enough there is also a selection of fruits to complement in your room upon arrival!

Are you bringing children with you? Would you like something to keep them entertained while you enjoy your Gin, or beer or plan your walk? Well how about an activity pack, designed by the wonderful people at Felltarn Friends, it has all you could need to keep your little one entertained during your stay, A canvas bag with either heart-tree or boat design (can be coloured in) Inside the bag there is an A3 poster of countryside images to colour in. an activity card with fun puzzles and games. 2 Colour-in postcards to create and send. A Felltarn Friends finger puppet. A box of 4 colourful crayons. A Felltarn Friends sticker. A sheep name tag to personalise.

Once the postcards are finished why not drop them into our lovely reception team and they will post them for you? We all know the feeling of getting home and finding those postcards in our handbag that we forgot to post!

We really do have something for everyone!

If you have any special requests, please call us or email us and we will, as always, do our very best to help you!

We hope to see you soon.

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