Electric Vehicle Charging Point

Electric Vehicle Charging Point

With Electric vehicles becoming more and more popular finding a popular space to recharge your batteries is becoming more and more difficult, we have the perfect solution, us!

We have 4 car charging points on the site.

They operate using a SIM card and a contactless payment system.

If you are staying with us, we would advise that you notify us at the time of booking if you wish to make use of the EV point as we will reserve it for you, we would like to politely remind you there may be more than 4 EV users at a time, so if you could work with any other EV users at the hotel to make sure that everyone has suitable access to the charger points.

Contact us today to book your stay with your EV

Don't worry if you are out and about in the lakes and need a top-up, lots more EV charging points can be found in the area

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