As an independent business, we genuinely care about our people and our local communities.

We work hard to protect the environment and wildlife within our grounds and are passionate about sustainability.

We are proud to support the Lake District Foundation which works to conserve, protect and repair the Lake District for generations to come.

We continue to reduce the majority of unnecessary single-use plastics within our hotel, those that are still in place are examined frequently to check for suitable replacements, once something is found the plastic item is removed and a suitable replacement is put in place,

We recycle over 424,000L of glass, cardboard, paper and plastics each year and we have a large compost area in the garden for appropriate food waste, thus making sure the minimum waste possible is sent to landfill.

We only print guest bills on request, we prefer to email them wherever possible. 

Wherever possible and without causing detriment to the service and quality of products we supply to our guests we are working on sustainable, responsible and local sourcing of products for the hotel. We partner with like-minded suppliers and closely monitor our supply chain.

We are committed to energy conservation and in the back of house areas which for health and safety reasons do not have to be constantly lit we have added motion sensor lighting.

We have increased our capacity of electric vehicle charge points by starting with one, we now have four, as part of our commitment to our staff we have declared that all staff can charge their own electric vehicles at no cost to themselves while on shift.

Our cleaning products are all sourced to have minimal impact on the environment, we work closely with our cleaning product suppliers and we revisit this frequently.

Our housekeeping team actively recycle our bedroom waste on a daily basis.

Our food, wherever possible, comes from local suppliers who are continuously reviewing their own sustainability policies which we monitor closely.

We have advisory notices in the bathrooms advising guests of our bath and hand towel washing policy. Unless they are in the bath, all towels will be folded and left for the guests to continue to use.

Our garden area has an area that is left with long grasses and wildflowers as a habitat for small woodland creatures, ground-nesting birds and as a haven for bees. We collect rainwater for watering the veg garden, polytunnel and greenhouse area.

We work closely with the Lake District Foundation. We collect a voluntary donation from our guests which, amongst other things supports the fixing of the fells and repairing footpaths in the area. We have donated a vast amount of funds over the last 20 years that we have been working with them, we proudly display donation certificates in the hotel and we are grateful for all the support provided by our guests.

This policy was last updated in March 2024.