Dinner menu

Dinner (January & February 2022)

  • Starters £9.50

    Soup of the day £5.95
    Herb Oil, Micro Herb

    Chicken Liver Parfait
    Toasted brioche, cherry jam, hazelnut, ginger nut crumb

    Cured & Sous Vide Salmon
    Treacle yoghurt, picked beetroot, hazelnut

    Scallop (£4.95 supplement)
    Cauliflower puree, roast cauliflower, strawberry vinegar dressing

    Parsnip puree, Brussel sprouts, brambles

    Wild mushroom, truffle, pine nut, Grana Padana

    Cauliflower Textures
    Curried spices, caper, apple, raisin

  • Main Courses £26.95

    Cod Loin
    Chicken reduction, chicken skin crumb, onion puree, kale

    Sea Bream
    Salt baked celeriac, tenderstem broccoli, mussels, mussel sauce

    Cornfed Chicken Breast
    Caulflower & sherry puree, bacon jam, charred turnip, dauphinoise terrine

    10oz Salt Aged Sirloin Steak (£6.95 supplement)
    Grilled tomato, flat mushroom, roasted shallot, chips

    Venison Loin
    Truffled mash, squash puree, roast squash. kale, pickled brambles

    Coffee Roast Beetroot
    Rainbow chard, pickled tomato salsa, herb oil

    Aubergine Tagine
    Butter beans, red pepper, garam masala

    Spiced Cauliflower
    Toasted sesame dressing, crispy cauliflower leaves, green chilli chutney

  • Side Dishes & Sauces Various

    Chips - £3.50

    Mixed salad - £3.50

    Herb Buttered New Potatoes - £3.50

    Buttered Seasonal vegetables - £3.50

    Green peppercorn & cognac sauce - £2.50

    Diane sauce - £2.50

  • Desserts £8.75

    Dark Chocolate Fondant
    Cherry mascarpone cream, griotine cherry, honeycomb, candied almond, cherry gel, vanilla ice cream

    Calvados Creme Brulee
    Chestnut sponge, poached apple, chestnut shortbread, toffee sauce

    Lemon, Cranberry & Pistachio Arctic Roll
    Pistachio textures, lemon curd, cranberry compote

    Sticky Toffee Pudding
    Butterscotch sauce, vanilla ice cream

    Clementine Cheesecake
    Iced honey nougat, honey marinated orange, pomegranate, hazelnut

    Chef's Best of British Cheese (£4.95 supplement)
    Quince chutney, grapes & biscuits
    This cheese made by Hyde Farm in Basingstoke has a lovely warmyellow interior and slight truffle notes.
    Kidderton Ash
    Silky smooth goat's milk cheese made in Ingelwood by ButlersFarmhouse Cheeses. The cheese is coated and matured with ashfor a distinctive finish.
    Shipston Blue
    Made on Park Head Farm in Preston this cheese is semi-soft, blue-veined and made with Buffalo milk. The cheese has a full blue flavour developed by the cave maturing process it goes through.
    Cumberland Farmhouse
    The cheese is made in Crofton just outside Carlisle by Thornby MoorDairy. This cheese is very smooth with a buttery finish due to the rich pastures of the Solway plain the Shorthorn cows graze upon.

    Tea, Coffee & Petit Fours - £4.95 per person