The Bar Lounge

The Bar Lounge

The bar and lounge area is the heart of the hotel.

This area was one of the original rooms from when the house was built in 1879.

The fireplace is from the same period, as is the wood panelling in the room.

The perfect spot for a Gin and Tonic, a pint of ale or a wonderful homemade afternoon tea!

The room is decked out with quirky decor, a couple of very comfy colourful sofas and you can be sure that wherever you sit there is something else to see, there really is no better place to unwind!

We are unable to offer this area for private hire unless guests take the hotel for exclusive use, so you can be assured if you are coming to visit us, this area will always be open to you.

The only time this area will be unavailable to you is when we are hosting an exclusive use wedding, this area is then closed off for private use, as is the rest of the hotel, this is why we always suggest you call ahead when planning your visit to us.

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