The Garden

The Garden

Peace... Tranquility... Relax...  Calm


Sit and enjoy the fresh breeze of spring, the long lazy days of summer, the vibrant colours of autumn, or the crisp freshness of winter in our gardens. Each season has its own charm and can entice you to enjoy its uniqueness and fall in love with it and it will become your favourate, until the next season comes along of course!

The garden is a truly tranquil space, with 6 acres of gardens including fruit trees, a very large collection of rhododendrons bushes, a very mature magnolia, and many shrubs and plants the majority of which are grown from seed by our gardener.

The 4 rockeries in the grounds add a mountainous vibe bringing the look and feel of the high Lake District fells to ground level for all the enjoy!

We have 2 ponds which you are welcome to view, but we ask you to take great care when in the area surrounding the water.

We have a steep slope towards the edge which we have left in as much of a natural state as we are able with seasonal wildflowers and wild grasses, we have a lot of wildlife in the garden and many live in that part of the garden, including pheasants, squirrels, an abundance of birds and if you are lucky you may just see some of our local wild deer taking a stroll through the gardens.

With the side lawn being the home to our gazebo it makes the perfect spot for our outdoor wedding ceremonies.

We have 2 stunning, mature Japanese Maple tress, one in our front car park and one opposite the swing seat in the garden.

We are very lucky that our lawns get the sun for most of the day, should you be so inclined (and have a suitable book... or borrow one from our lending library) you can easily spend the day relaxing in our gardens and see how many chapters you can get through, a day spent escaping to unknown lan (Acer palmatum) ds beautifully described on the page of a book is never wasted in our opinion!

With lots of garden furniture around and about you are welcome to enjoy food, drink, and lazy days in our sanctuary.

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